Our Services

Business and Personal Planning Services include:

Life Insurance- Life and disability insurance are about risk. Risk is the exposure to the possibility of loss, and it can be assumed, ignored, or transferred to a risk bearer. By asking the right questions and listening to your answers, we are able to recommend and help you implement strategies to meet your personal and business goals and objectives.

Long-Term Care Insurance- We can provide you with access to many high-quality long-term care providers. We can also help you protect yourself and those who depend on you through a new concept in long-term care that combines permanent life insurance with specialized riders.** Long-term care protection should be a key component of any financial plan.

Disability Insurance- Through some of the country's leading disability providers, we can help you design and implement appropriate personal and business disability insurance plans that will help you and your employees replace the flow of income lost due to periods of sickness or following an accident.

Living Benefit Trust**- An estate planning strategy that uses an innovative irrevocable life insurance trust that allows your trustee(s) to accelerate*** a life insurance policy's death benefit- on a tax free basis- when the insured is determined to be "terminally" or "chronically" ill. The trustee(s) can then distribute the accelerated death benefit to trust beneficiaries who, in turn, can purchase assets from, or lend money to the insured.

Employee Benefits- Our custom-designed qualified and non-qualified employee benefit programs include:

  • 412(i) and Section 1-79 Plans, which use corporate dollars for personal insurance
  • Executive Bonus Plans, which are fully tax-deductible to the employer and totally selective in participation
  • Deferred Compensation Plans, designed to provide a high level of corporate flexibility and control
  • Salary Continuation Plans, which can help provide financial security for key executives

Retirement Plans- At retirement, our financial professionals can help you determine how to best receive your retirement benefits, as well as help you invest those assets and address your retirement concerns.

Business Continuation Plans- Working with your other professional advisors, we design, implement and provide funding alternatives for business continuity and/or succession plans in the event you die prematurely or become disabled. By providing business valuation services, tax-deferred funding vehicles for buy-sell agreements, and business succession plans, we can help your business succeed both today and tomorrow.

Investment Services****- We recognize the commitment and responsibility we undertake when we provide investment advice. That's why we listen closely to your needs and concerns, and deliver high-quality investment services that corresponded to your unique objectives. A wide range of investment objectives can be pursued through the use of a variety of mutual funds, annuities and asset allocation services.

**Registered Representatives of Equity Services, Inc. do not offer tax or legal advice.  For advice concerning your own situation, please consult with your appropriate professional advisor. The use of trusts involves complex tax rules and regulations.  Consider enlisting the counsel of an estate planning professional and your legal and tax advisors prior to implementing such sophisticated strategies.  The cost and availability of life insurance will depend on factors such as age, health, and the type and amount of insurance purchased. 

***Payment of Accelerated Benefits will reduce the Cash Value and Death Benefit otherwise payable under the policy. Receipt of Accelerated Benefits may be a taxable event and may affect your eligibility for public assistance programs. Please consult your personal tax advisor to determine the tax status of any benefits paid under this rider and with social services agencies concerning how receipt of such payment will affect you, your spouse and your family's eligibility for public assistance.

****Securities and investment advisor services are offered solely through registered representatives and investment adviser representatives of Equity Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.